Ugh. I’m a waste of skin.

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prettypeopleandfunnybusiness asked: Guess you didn't get those messages either. I'm gonna stop living in the past and accept what this is now. bye lexie.

Okay you know what, I’m posting this publicly.
Stop being a dick. You’re supposed to be my friend and you just disappeared. Of course I’m going to be pissy with you, I kind of need fucking company right now. I refuse to taste defeat anymore okay? Go and talk to someone else and for their sake tell them you won’t always be around. I’m sure they’ll appreciate it more than you ever appreciated me.
So yes, goodbye, Adam.

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baztastic25 asked: Heeyy, I may have already messaged you so apologies if I did but you're seriously stunning!! like proper proper gorgeous... anyway that is all 😁 xx

well aren’t you the cutest :’) thank you xx

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